Ride Bikes

by Failed States

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Special thanks to John Kapp, Cassidy, the boys at harvest King Records, Rob White, Daegan and Jeremy for helping write a couple of the tunes, anyone that has helped set up a show and anyone that rides bikes. No thanks to those that do not respect mother nature. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rob White. 2009.


released June 9, 2009

All songs written by Failed States. Lyrics on Sweet Delight adapted from William Blake's "Auguries of Innocence".

Jeffrey M. - Vocals
Andres A. - Bass
Jesse W. - Guitar
Jason K. - Drums

Extra vocals on Keep it - Dylan Ludwig and Andres Araneda
Art work by Andres Araneda
Layout by Justin Ludwig



all rights reserved


Failed States regina, Saskatchewan

Failed States formed in the frozen prairies of Canada in January 2008. Started as an outlet to release their aggression and political views on the world, Failed States quickly became a home town staple. With several music styles and lineup changes throughout the years, Failed States are back stronger than ever. ... more

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Track Name: Ride Bikes!
Ride until the day I die
Ride Bikes!
Track Name: Keep it
We are fucked up people in a fucked up place
I'm so fucking fed up with the human race
Keep your MTV
Keep your bleach blond hair
I'll keep my own pace
I'll keep my own time
Fuck you.
Fuck your jager bombs
I'll keep my soda float
Keep your white sunglasses
I'll take all the sun I get
Fuck your office job
I'll keep my thrifty life
Keep your red Sunfire
I'll get on my fucking bike
Keep both eyes shut
I'll keep one eye open
Keep your fucking Bape
I'll put on my best dress
Keep your Nike Dunks
I'll hit the back alley shop
Keep your fucking life
and I'll keep mine.
Keep your business admin
I'll keep learning for fun
Keep your economy
I'll wait for the collapse
Keep wars, your ways
I'll sit here on my ass
Keep wasting your days
I'll walk barefoot on the grass
Keep your Craven world
I'll keep a wanderin'
Keep your Garth Brooks
I'll keep my Minor Threat
Keep your suburbia
I'll keep my downtown core
I'll keep it my own way
From here til the end.
Track Name: Unquestioned Conspirators
Unquestioned vulture flock to death
Like flies flock to shit
Our mother she dies by and by
Hand in hand we watch it unfold
Unquestioned conspirators
This time we are not the pawn
Dollar bills gold coins
Dollars as cogs we work the machine
Remove the cog and the world is free
Blood as money and money as blood
Slit the wrists ‘til it comes crashing down
Question it’s worth, question your worth
Stop feeding the fucking machine
Build your own
Don’t agree, don’t harm, don’t conspire.
Track Name: Deception
The New York Times said God is dead
But for the right price, they’ll clone man’s best friend
New gods, old ways
Still hasn’t changed
Borrow a new tool of control to work out the kinks of the masses
A different way but it still passes science against religion
It’s all fucked to me
G.M.O. stem cell mutation there’s an eye in the sky
And a headless father which one do I choose?
Playing Gods failed once before and it will fail us once again
It’s time to change or let the nightmare begin.
Track Name: Sweet Delight
Some are born in sweet delight, some are born in endless night
A dog starved at his master’s gate, predicts the rule of the state
Every wolf and lion’s howl raises from hell a human soul
The owl that calls upon the night speaks the unbelievers’ fright
He who mocks the infants thought shall be mocked in age and death
He who shall teach the child to doubt, the rotting grave shall near let out
Every night and every morn some to misery are born
Every morn and every night some are born to sweet delight.
Track Name: Let out
I want to run with the wolves I want to fly with the birds
I want to swim with the fish I want to get away from this
I want to climb that mountain I want to skim that wave
I want to jump that cliff I want to find my cave
To this world I don’t belong
To these people I owe shit
To nature if come around to the factories burn ‘em down
I once lost, and still I’m there
But I know what I want, I’m just afraid to reach
One day I’ll call this world my own
One day I’ll call this world my home
One day I’ll break free
One day I’ll be me.